Extended approval as a designated laboratory for fish health analyses

Blue Analytics has recently expanded its authorisation as a publicly designated laboratory within fish health. This extension now also includes analyses for infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV) and Renibacterium salmoninarum (BKD), in addition to the already approved SAV analysis (PD).

Two employees look at the PCR machines in the Blur Analytics laboratory.
Head of Diagnostics Øyvind Vågnes and Laboratory Engineer Eva Mykkeltvedt work with PCR diagnostics in the Blue Analytics laboratory.

This means that fish farmers can use Blue Analytics’ laboratory for publicly mandated analyses.

“We are very pleased that we now are a designated laboratory for the analyses that detect both ISA, BKD and PD. This gives farmers and healthcare professionals access to an additional player that can perform these types of analyses.”

Anette Hansen Kausland, General Manager of Blue Analytics

Requirements for publicly designated laboratory

To achieve and maintain the status of designated laboratory, Blue Analytics must fulfil several requirements at all times. This involves having the necessary expertise, equipment and infrastructure to analyse samples. The analyses must be carried out by staff with the necessary training and experience. The tasks must also be carried out impartially, without conflicts of interest. Furthermore, the laboratory must comply with the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and be accredited by a national accreditation body.

Additionally, the laboratory is required to inform and report results to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and participate in any ring tests. This is a comparison of analysis results from the same sample material between several designated laboratories.

Sampling and methodology follow instructions from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and any guidelines from the National Veterinary Institute, which is the national reference laboratory.

Measures for good fish health

Early detection of disease-causing agents is crucial to limit the spread of infection. This gives fish farmers the opportunity to implement measures quickly by isolating affected populations and safeguarding fish welfare in the best possible way. Blue Analytics has extensive experience, expertise and capacity to analyse samples at short notice.

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