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DNA analysis performed at Blue Analytics.

Genomics is the study of the entire genetic material of an organism. It includes analyses of the genome’s structure, function and evolution, which can be used for various biological purposes.

Genotyping in the field of genomics is an analysis that identifies the DNA information of an individual. By genotyping specific gene variants of the brood fish and linking these to physical characteristics, this is used to breed offspring with favorable traits.

Wild species are also being genotyped as a tool for research purposes and management of populations.

Genetic markers developed for specific species are a prerequisite for doing genotyping. Blue Analytics can help develop and test new genotyping sets (arrays) for specific targets.

To genotype an individual, a tissue or cell sample is taken and sent to the laboratory. The analysis starts with extracting the DNA material from the cells, also called DNA isolation.

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Céleste Jacq

Head of Genomics

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