Ordering of sampling kits

You can now order sampling kits directly from our website. We supply equipment and preservation solutions for various sampling needs within diagnostics and genomics.

A laboratory engineer shows off some of the sampling equipment that can be ordered from Blue Analytics.
Yvonne Strømsnes is one of our employees who sends out sampling equipment and receives tissue samples for analysis at Blue Analytics.

To ensure that our customers receive the desired sampling equipment at the right time, this can be ordered by filling out the form on our website. The order form can be found here: https://www.blueanalytics.no/en/ordering-of-analyses-and-sampling-kits/

Guidance for sampling

Correct sampling is very important to ensure good sample quality and representative test results. Incorrect sampling can lead to contamination of the samples, which can lead to incorrect results or the need to take new samples. Correct sampling, on the other hand, will contribute to high precision, less variation and reliable results in the analyses.

We have created guides that describe procedures for taking samples for various analyses. You can read these guides below:



If you have any questions in connection with the use of equipment or sampling, please contact us (https://www.blueanalytics.no/en/contact/).

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