PCR analyses

Tissue samples from fish are ready for PCR analysis.

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is used as a diagnostic tool to identify the presence of disease-causing agents (viruses, bacteria and parasites), as well as genetic mutations from tissue samples, mucus, ovarian fluid, water and other environmental samples.

PCR is an analysis technique that detects sequences of genetic material (DNA, RNA) in a sample. The technique is based on repetitive temperature cycles with amplification of a target sequence that is specific for the desired agent.

Real-time PCR is a variant of the PCR technique. In Real-time PCR, the number of temperature cycles required to detect a target sequence is used to generate the response. This is called a Ct value. A low Ct value indicates a greater amount of the target sequence in the sample.

Real-time PCR as a method is semi-quantitative and Ct values ​​are only indicative of the amount of target sequence in the sample. Our Real-time PCR results are reported qualitatively, i.e. as detected or undetected agent. However, we also state the Ct value which forms the basis for the qualitative answer.

Contact person for PCR analyses:

Photo of contact person for PCR analysis
Øyvind Vågnes

Head of Diagnostics

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Call +47 414 11 626

Product list for PCR analyses

We perform the following analysis to detect agents (viruses, bacteria and parasites) in suitable tissues from different fish species:

Atlantic salmon

Rainbow trout

Atlantic halibut




Please contact us if you could not find the analysis you were looking for. We can often meet the need for analyses other than those listed in the overview.

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