Blue Analytics is an innovative biotechnology company that provides analytical services as a foundation for addressing biological challenges and improvements in the aquaculture and agriculture industries.

Our analyses offer insights into the health and characteristics of animals, enabling our clients to make evidence-based decisions for the benefit of welfare and sustainable production. We specialize in the development and execution of diagnostics, disease tracking, and genotyping of fish and other species. These analyses find applications in health monitoring, food safety, breeding programs, and origin determination.

Blue Analytics is located in the building called Slippen in Bergen.

The methods we use have gained trust and acceptance from consumers and authorities, having been extensively used across various sectors for an extended period. We possess expertise in molecular biology, genomics, virology, bacteriology, and histopathology, which has been built through close collaboration with fish health and aquaculture companies since 2010.

Established in 2020 as a spin-off from the vaccine company Vaxxinova Norway, we currently have 14 employees and operate from modern facilities on Marineholmen in Bergen.

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