Blue Analytics is an innovative company that uses its core competence and pioneering scientific advances to offer solutions to biological challenges in the aquaculture industry.

In recent years, new methods have revolutionized the toolbox used for disease prevention, quality assurance and tracking throughout the entire production and distribution chain in food production, all the way to the consumer.

Blue Analytics is located in the building called Slippen in Bergen.

The unique genetic code of any living organism is the basis of a range of products and services that contribute to increased productivity and better animal welfare. The DNA code provides safe tracking of escaped farmed fish back to the owner and is also used to confirm the correct labeling of species and origin for various ingredients and foods.

This is becoming increasingly important in the global marketplace, where consumers put greater emphasis on responsible behavior at all stages of the value chain. Traceability is a prerequisite for brand building, food safety and sustainability.

The methods that Blue Analytics offers have the trust and acceptance of consumers and authorities after long-time use in various sectors.

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