Quality Manager employd

From 1 March 2021, Anette Hansen Kausland is appointed as Quality Manager at Blue Analytics. She will be responsible for further developing and operating the quality systems in accordance with the company’s strategy and regulatory requirements.

Anette Hansen Kausland er ansatt som ny leder for kvalitet i Blue Analytics.

I am enthusiastic about efficient operation, quality and digitization, and inspired by finding good solutions and synergies across systems and organizations.” 

Anette Hansen Kausland

Anette comes from a position as general manager and operations manager at Biomega Norway, which produces food ingredients from residual raw materials from the salmon industry.

Prior to this, she worked as head of department at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the National Institute for Nutrition and Seafood Research, Norway (NIFES) and head of section at the test reception center and vessel lab at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR).

Through these working positions, she has gained experience with personnel management, quality assurance and digitization of processes, accreditation, procurement processes and customer management.

She holds a Cand. mag. in biochemistry/chemistry and Cand. scient. in molecular biology from the University of Bergen, Norway/ Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology. Recently she also graduated from business economics at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

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